High Speed Interstate Rated Multisport Trailer
Suits Boats from 2.4m to 3.9m Up to 1.8m Wide
Suits Kayaks / Canoes Up to 5.5m Long
Suits HD Sports Crossbars for Crossbar Accessories
Stand Up and Roll Away Option

Capacity 544kg ATM 440kg Payload (1200 lbs)
Bed Size
3900mm x 1016mm
Overall Size
4100mm x 1360mm
Tare Weight
ADR / ECE - VIN Plated
Hot Dipped Galvanised
Springs HT
Slipper Leaf  (660kg)
12” White Spoke, 5mm
20” 60PSI, 4PLY High Speed (711kg)
4 Stud, Cast Iron, Easy Lube (990kg)
2” Fully Tapered (1600kg)
Bed Height
50mm (750kg)
Coupler Height
3”x2” RHS One Piece (2.7mm+)
3”x2” RHS (2.7mm+)
Weight Distribution
60 /40
Fender Height
ADR Standard Combination Type
7-Pin Flat  Loom

Long Distance Highway Speed Rated

880GA+80G Boat & Kayak Trailer

880GA+80G Boat / Kayak Trailer
- Includes: 2 x Large Rollers, 2 x 950mm Long Rocker Skids
- Skids are Galvanised C Section w/ Teflon V Strip (Timber Shown)
- 2 Way Mountable Skids, Sideways Kayak Mode or Rocker Boat Mode.
- Adjustable Bow Stop with Bow Stop Roller
- Suits Boats, Tinnies, Watercraft up to 3.9m x 1.8m Size
Trailer Weight 101kg

880GA+46RK Multisport Crossbar Trailer

880GA Trailer Base Unit
46RK HD 1575mm x 28 DIA - 300kg Rated Crossbar Set
- Suits 1 to 4 Kayaks, Ideal for 2 Kayaks Side By Side
- Crossbars Suit Yakima & Thule Kayak & Bike Holders
Trailer Weight 101kg

880GA Full Boat Trailer Package

880GA Boat Trailer including Full Accessory Package
80G Boat Accessory Kit - Skids, Rollers, Bow Stop
Skids are Galvanised C Section w/ Teflon V Strip (Timber Shown)
WT-70 350kg Winch 3:1 & Webbing Strap Pack
63B/67BV Spare Wheel & Holding U Bracket
80R Extra Drawbar Large Adjustable Keel Roller
38B Premium Worm Drive Fold Up Jockey Wheel - 6" Wheel
Trailer Weight 133kg

880GA Multisport Trailer Base

880GA Trailer Base Unit Only
- No Rollers, Skids, Bow Stop, or Crossbars
Trailer Weight 88kg

80S - 880GA Storage Brackets

HD Quick Bolt On Storage Brackets
360 Degree Castor Wheel System
Suits all 880GA Configurations
Store Your 880GA Upright
Stored Dimensions: 2035mm H x 1360mm W x 600mm L
Plus Drawbar 2100mm x 75mm x 50mm
See Stored Picture at top of this Page

63B/67BV 880-Spare Wheel

Brand New Spare Wheel - White Rim Color Only
Rim / Tyre / Spare Wheel Holder
Attachs to Drawbar Underneath or Above

WT70 Winch Pack

350kg 3 to 1 Compact Winch
5m Webbing Strap
Fits to 880GA Bow Stop

38B Jockey Wheel

Premium Worm Drive Jockey Wheel
Folding Design, 6" Castor Wheel

80R Extra Keel Roller

Adjustable Keel Roller
Adjusts Along Drawbar, Height & Angle
Suits 880GA Drawbar

TR01-4 D Ring Tie 4 Pack

4 x 500kg D Ring Tie Point Pack
2" Triangle Shaped D's, Hinged
Includes Bolts / Nuts / Washers

80G Boat Kit Accessories

Boat Conversion Kit including Bow Stop, Bow Roller & Bracket, 2 x 950mm Long Rocker Skids & Brackets,
Skids are Galvanised C Section w/ Teflon V Strip (Timber Shown)
2 x Rollers & Brackets,
Mounting Hardware

46RK HD Trailer Sports Crossbars

2 x 1575mm Long Round Crossbar /Rack kit
150kg Bar Rating Each, 300kg Total Load.
Mount to any Model Trailer Base, Flat Top,
or to Sides of Trailer.
Compatible to Yakima Crossbar Accessories
Mount Bike Racks, Kayak Racks, Cargo Pods, Cargo Baskets, Etc.

CLOK1 Coupler Handle Lock

Coupling Handle Laser Lock
Locks the Handle Securely
when Trailer is being Towed

CLOK2 Coupling Body Parking Lock

Lock your Coupler Securely when Trailer is Parked
or Not in Use.

S225X4 Tie Straps 4 Pack

General 4 Pack Ratchet Tie Downs
225kg Rated Each, 5.5m Long Each

YAKBK1 Front Loader Bike Holder

Zero Contact with Bike Frame
Carries Complete Bike, No Front Wheel Removal
Fits 20” to 29” Wheels, Integrated Cable Key Lock
Suits Best with Delta Box Framed Bikes

YAKBK2 Fork Lock Bike Holder

Latches onto your Forks
Carries Bike with Front Wheel Removed
Adjustable for all Bike Lengths

YAKBD1 Bow Down Kayak Holders

Folds Down When Not in Use, Aerodynamic Design
Hullguard Padding Protects your Hull
Steel Tube Frame
2 x Cradles, 2 x Tie Straps, 2 x Bow/Stern Tie Downs

YAKEK1 Even Keel Kayak Holders

Hullflex System conforms to your Hull Shape
4 x Saddles, 2 x Tie Straps, 2 x Bow/Stern Tie Downs
Everything you need to Mount & Tie One Craft to Crossbars

Bearing Set Full

Easytrailer Bearing Set including...
4 x Tapered Bearings
2 x Grease Seals