Tie Straps & Trailer Security

Easy Trailer Accessories:
Tie Down Straps
Trailer Security


CLOK1 Coupler Handle Lock

Coupling Handle Laser Lock
Locks the Handle Securely
when Trailer is being Towed

CLOK2 Coupling Body Parking Lock

Lock your Coupler Securely when Trailer is Parked
or Not in Use.

S750X2 HD Tie Strap Pack Twin Pack

2 x HD Ratchet Straps
750kg Rated Each, Comfort Handle
5.5m Long Each, Lock Over Hooks
2 x Strap Protectors per Strap

S225X2 Tie Straps Twin Pack

General Twin Pack Ratchet Tie Downs
225kg Rated Each, 4.5m Long Each

YAKTD1 Bow/Stern Tie Downs

2 x Ratchet Pulley Tie Downs
Suitable for all Kayaks, Canoes, Light Craft, Ladders, Etc


2 x 4.9m Cam Lock Tie Straps
Ideal for Kayaks, Canoes, and General Tie Downs